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Hiring An Experienced DUI Lawyer

Hiring An Experienced DUI Lawyer

DUI laws vary between states and even the counties within a state. It is vital that you hire an attorney who is experienced in DUI law and knows the laws as they apply to the location in which you were arrested.

Experienced Attorneys Stay Up-To-Date On New Laws

DUI laws change frequently, so you want a lawyer who keeps up with continuing education and is a member of professional associations.

As a sign of the times, most attorneys take credit cards for their services. Find out if your attorney is going to charge a flat fee or a per-hour fee for services. Talk about the benefits of both options.

Types Of Fees Your Hired Lawyer May Charge

With a flat fee, you pay a fixed amount for representation before the work is done no matter how long it takes. Some attorneys may charge a flat fee unless a trial becomes necessary, at which point they would have additional charges.

If your attorney charges by the hour, you are invoiced for an amount before work on the case is begun. This is called a retainer fee and it usually covers a number of estimated hours of work. Once those hours are completed, the client is charged again for a number of hours.

Talk to your attorney if you need a payment plan or cannot afford their fees. They can often provide different options based on your particular needs.

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